My name is Alex, and I'm here to fight the evils of hetero**phobia and cis*****phobia.
Fae/faer/faerself please.

"EDUCATE US" the cishets scream, as the continue to ignore and harass us when we try to do just that.

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    (lol idk why i didn’t see this until now why tumblr why) How did I make a “conscious effort to show OP’s point”? What...
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    Okay I’m not sure when I ever said or implied there isn’t discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals and I’m pretty sure...
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    #shut up, #tumblr problems. It’s like you make a conscious effort to show the OP’s point.
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    Playing the victim, you say? Perhaps you’d like to stop being a self-centered narcissist that actually displays a victim...
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    It’s like you people need to play the victim every time. You even go so far as to lash out and harass people and then...
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    **only onesthere are some white supremacists, jus sayin
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    'Get educated'. 'Get your facts straight'. Why not provide me with the facts and education that you claim to possess?
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    Can someone cite one example of their attempts at education? Because everything I’ve seen is, “It’s not my job to...
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    holy shit jesus wept
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    This was taged “#cisphobia”. You have conceded defeat.
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    Well, I’m waiting for my education. I’m here. Let’s hear it.
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    "EDUCATE US" just about everybody screams as you continue to harass, bully, doxx, and hack everyone who doesn’t...
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    if you think straight and white people are the ones doing the harassment on this site you need a reality check